Recall, a simple but hardcore memory game

Edited on 15 August 2020. Originally written on 7 September 2016.

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Recall is a simple but hardcore memory game. It features memorizing positions of a series of numbers in an ascending order. Afterwards, they will be hidden by boxes with question mark. The player will need to click the boxes hiding them in numerical ascending order.

Sounds easy? The catch is that, for every level the player advances, the game adds another number. The difficulty is approximately closer to an exponential graph, instead of linear difficulty. 😂

Representing the exponential difficulty of my game, Recall


  1. Bunch of numbers appeared.
  2. Memorize their locations in ascending order.
  3. Click the boxes that obscured them in ascending order.
  4. Finished recalling.
  5. You get smarter!
  6. Your brain is faster!

Technical Aspect

This game was built in 2016. It undergone three development iteration in eight months while taking care of my studies.

Tools used are Cocos2d-x, Cocos Studio(deprecated already), Adobe Illustrator, Google Play Services C++ Library, Visual Studio IDE and so on.


Recall Screenshot 1 Recall Screenshot 2


This game was't designed for fun and replayability, but it serve as a sandbox on learning. It was made on my first year of bachelor's studies. The code was badly written. There wasn't any serious effort to market the game.


It wasn't updated since the initial release. Please proceed with the thought that it is already legacy.

Download Link: Google Play