Bidding hello to the world, again

Hello there, and welcome to my blog! In the past, I had written on but stopped. Today, this will be my first post on my very own blog after a long hiatus. Hopefully I will write much more often.

Here I bid hello world to everyone again!

Hello There

A little bit about me.

My full name is Ng Chen Hon. Currently, I mostly mine rubies with Ruby on Rails and flex yoga with React Native. My common tech stacks are on Ruby on Rails, React.JS, React Native and Typescript.

Well RoR runs on Ruby and React Native runs on Yoga Layout, geddit?

I am a developer who puts emphasis on productivity quality, there will be time for quality code writing and time for quality brainstorming. Also, developer-kinds aren't machines 😫, we got to take breaks from writing code.

As a person, I have this belief that we should learn like a child would and embrace whatever that might be new with an open heart, however, with past experience and your intricate bull💩 sensor attached on.

My current favourite thing is working with Ruby and with Rails. It was on 2019 when I first came in touch with Ruby. I had fallen in love with the language after learning Ruby and working with Rails after a couple of months. The syntax, at initial glance, was weird and disconnected from the common family of C languages we came to learnt. However, as time went by, only then I discovered how beautiful and elegant the language is. Then, with Rails, I find it handy that development and testing came bundled together within the same hierachy.

It is so enjoyable, happy and productive to write code with Ruby.

I am currently working Singapore for a small Rails shop. If you are in Singapore and love to have a beer or kopi, feel free to ping me. 🙂